Beast Restaurant

In August of 2004, I apprenticed with master-carpenter Darren Lucey to renovate a partial shell last occupied in the late 70’s. Under the direction and design of owner Debra Bicknese we converted the space into a restaurant with a reconstructed bar and an open kitchen. We stripped away many layers (drop-ceilings, wood-paneling, plaster, and tar-paper floor covering) to reveal ornate woodwork, a marble floor, beautiful brickwork, and a tin ceiling all dating back to 1940’s and 50’s.

New construction: back bar, open-kitchen, dining deck, sheetrock, vestibule addition, wait-station, moldings, and miscellaneous finish work. Scroll down to see photos of after and before renovation.

Beast Tapas Bar and Restaurant opened for business 6 months later in February of 2005 and continues to thrive as an award-winning restaurant and busy neighborhood hangout.

638 Bergen St. Prospect Heights, Brooklyn NY

Back bar after renovation and conversion of dry goods cupboards

Pre-existing back bar, prior to conversion and renovation.

The renovation of the antique dry goods cupboards involved conversion to refrigeration units for beer and wine storage.

Front bar after renovation.

Pre-existing front bar before renovation

Full open kitchen in rear corner of front dining area,  designed and built from scratch

Pressed tin ceiling, post patching and repair

Pressed tin ceiling in previous state of disrepair

Beast vestibule exterior– tile work in progress on the compound-curve entry way

Beast compound curve vestibule in progress

Beast exterior pre-vestibule construction

Beast outdoor dining deck on Bergen street side



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