Branded Saloon

In February of 2009, I was hired to assist in the renovation of a storefront shell into a country-western saloon.  I replaced 5 large windows on the building face, installed faux rafters and built a platform base for a church pew. Decoratively, I supervised the installation of  molding, luan paneling, pine-boards, shims, and miscellaneous lumber to walls and ceilings to create a rustic barn-like feel for the front room, hallway and bathrooms.

Branded Saloon opened for business in late May of 2010.

Branded Saloon
603 Vanderbilt Ave. Prospect Heights, Brooklyn NY.

Saloon front room– view from front entry

Saloon front room pre-woodwork

Hallway between front and rear rooms

Hallway between front and rear room before woodwork

New side windows installed after fitting

New windows installed after fitting

Trimming new windows for installation

Previous windows still in place

Back room after renovation

Back room before rafters installation

Dais for unobstructed viewing of the stage from the antique church pew in the back room




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